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Why To Aerate And OverSeed Your Lawn In The Fall

Your lawn has taken a beating this summer. Between, dogs, kids, and weather your lawn is desperate for a reset before the fall weather hits. The best way to do this is to first aerate the lawn. It is critical to allow air, water and the nutrients of the earth to get into the ground and allow the grass to grow richer and fuller.

Once the aeration process is completed, we want to overseed the lawn. We use a patented process to ensure your entire lawn is covered with fresh grass seed. This will ensure your lawn will grow fuller, replace any bald spots, and allow for protection against weeds when the lawn comes back next spring.

RA Landscapers are here to tackle all of this for you! We know how busy you are this fall with school, family and the holidays. Let the Top Rated Local® landscaping company ensure your lawn is properly prepared and maintained for the fall. Call us today!