Those living in the woody or forested outer-lying areas of the region understand just what a privilege it is to be located within the majesty of the forest. They also understand the challenges. When brush needs to be cleared, these residents call us. We have the expertise, the equipment and tools needed to handle the undertaking, no matter the size of the job.

We work with real estate companies, commercial entities and private landowners and promise complete satisfaction. Our brush clearing expertise allows us to remove selected vegetation while leaving those trees and bushes that are important to the area and the owner. We can also apply mulch and wood chips to ensure against soil erosion when requested. Find out more about our comprehensive brush clearing and how our team can help you maintain an environmentally-aware area while making it functionally viable.

Whether you have just moved into a home that is surrounded by dense foliage or you have been putting off clearing the underbrush over the last few seasons, RA Landscaping is here to help you get it under control. While letting brush build up is unsightly, it can also be a threat to your home. In addition to harboring pests, untended brush can also be a fire hazard. In fact, some insurance companies require you to clear your brush at least once a year. Contact us if your Florissant home or business needs to have the brush cleared from around it!

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